I’ve just made it to Heathrow ahead of our survey trip to Portugal for our Connections Meetings event in December. I found myself with a bit of time so I thought I’d try out Apple Pay.

Our technology keynote speaker, Ewan MacLeod, has been banging on about the likes of Apple Pay and contactless for a while now. (I use the word ‘banging’ in the most affectionate manner!)

I setup Apple Pay on my iPhone recently and…


Our Head of Business Development David Benitez captured the moment.

This is me having pressed the ‘Contactless credit card’ option on the check out machine in WH Smith:


And then this is me with a very broad smile realising that this stuff actually works:


Seriously cool.

I write this post as a proof-point to Ewan who won’t believe I’ve actually tried this technology out.

Ewan: I am sold. I love it! I really love it!

I found it quite amazing to pay for something without having to present my credit card at all.

In all seriousness I think we all got Ewan’s point about the seamless nature of this kind of payment technology, although I’m not sure how many of us actually appreciate it.

He does get so passionate on stage — and now I think having just experienced this stuff so vividly and easily — I really can see the point. If I’m at a Luxury hotel, or at the very least, in the middle of a luxury experience, I want everything to be as simple as possible. I’m constantly on my phone though. Put the two together — communications and payments — and I’m delighted.

I will be hunting for Apple Pay opportunities throughout our visit to Portugal.

Ok. I’ll let you know how we get on.

If you’re curious about our Connections Meetings event in December (9th-12th), please drop me a note — I’m on micaela@weareconnections.com