The New Year is a good time to take stock of your business. What's working well? What isn't?

Last week during ConnecTALKS: Optimise Your Business Growth in 2022, Connections’ coaching mentor, Natalie Macaluso, presented her 90-day challenge to identify priorities and set specific goals for different areas of your business.

This interactive ConnecTALKS session offered Connections Luxury members the opportunity to bring some of the industry’s most common issues and lucrative business possibilities to light, while receiving professional feedback on how to move forward with their desired goals.

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Natalie presented attendees with her 90-Day challenge in order to guide Connections leaders on moving forward post-pandemic in a purposeful way. “How can we do that?” she asked. “Stay focused, keep learning, stay curious, ask questions, and elevate others.”

“This is a 90-Day Challenge of focused action to really move the needle for your business,” said Natalie. “If you find yourself hitting roadblocks, you can iterate as you go. You are dating this plan, not marrying it.”

Alongside aspects like the continual evolution of the digital marketing realm and lack of optimisation knowledge, perfectionism was a key roadblock mentioned throughout this ConnecTALKS that seemed to hinder the progression and growth of travel-focused businesses after a long pandemic period. According to Natalie, simply focusing your destination, responsibility, collaboration and movement stages will help you successfully optimise your business this year.

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Other potential areas for desired business growth highlighted by attendees included internal marketing, client retention and client experience and sustainability.

“Striving for perfection is kind of counterproductive,” said Natalie Macaluso, when comparing the growth of a successful business to how a jeweller determines the value of a diamond. “The ones with the most flaws, are the most natural and therefore have a higher value.”

Watch the full ConnecTALKS session here in order to begin your path to building a lucrative and successful business. You can get in touch with Natalie via the Connections Community platform or via email at