Ahead of Connections Weddings in Puglia, we caught up with Patrizia Ermetici from Joan Estrada Special Events to hear some key insight into the billion dollar industry…

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Joan Estrada Special Weddings
My beloved home city of Milan, coupled with Paris and other World Fashion Capitals of the world, have all inspired my 25-year career. I worked as a Fashion Consultant with global luxury brands including, Gucci, Prada, Armani, Fendi, Alexander McQueen, Donna Karan New York, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino and Helmut Lang. Working with such high-end, luxury brands taught me that a celebration is more than just hiring a full-service event and production company. It is about the finer details. At Joan Estrada Special Weddings, I work with brides to turn their wedding dreams into their reality. My finger is always on the pulse of the latest trends in food, decor and entertainment, constantly focusing on the personalised details that make each event a one-of-a-kind. My team and I are extremely detailed and attentive. This enables us to create exquisite events, masterfully produced and distinctively designed.

What do you believe is particularly unique about Joan Estrada Special Weddings?
An innate sense of style and the ability to translate concepts into reality has elevated Joan Estrada Special Weddings to the top of their field. We combine a wide knowledge of the industry with an extraordinary commitment to excellence and the unique ability to create completely personalised, unforgettable events. Our headquarters are in Barcelona, Spain, which is the perfect base to provide a full range of event services to a discerning clientele.

Why did you choose to partner with Connections for the launch of the Weddings Edition 2019? Why impact do you think Connections Weddings will have?
Over the past few years, I have attended a few Weddings Congress’ and larger exhibitions, but none of them put the emphasis on the personal relationship. Connections Weddings will give buyers and suppliers the opportunity to connect and create long-term relationships over shared experiences. Also, the educational sessions throughout the programme are a brilliant way for attendees to learn about the industry.

What appeals to you about the Connections Way of doing business?
They believe in people and their power to connect. I love this. When working on a wedding for a couple, when you are planning such a significant and personal event for them, you must know them in order to make it perfect. Connections aims to connect people and provides them the space to get to know each other, which is essential for success.

What inspires you about the wedding industry?
The opportunity to make a bride’s dreams come true.

Are you noticing any trends in what your clients are asking for at the moment?
This depends on which country the couples are from. Religion makes a big difference between all of them. Indian weddings are normally more respecting with traditional rules. European and American couples are looking for new experiences, new destinations, unknown, unusual; they want to celebrate with parents and very close friends.

How do you think the industry is changing? What does the future hold?
I believe that only the professional wedding planners who have created a strong partnership with colleagues all over the world will have the chance to continue to grow in this industry.

How have you adapted your offering in recent years, and why?
Our formula has not changed that much. It is essential that you listen to your client’s wants and needs. This will give you all the information you need to create their perfect event or wedding.

Tell us about one of your favourite client memories.
All the weddings I work on are special and unique to me. I work with couples for one or two years when planning their wedding… you cannot forget any experience!

What does luxury mean to you?
Luxury must be an emotional experience, untouchable, it goes deeper, under the skin… into your soul.

Joan Estrada Special Weddings

Joan Estrada Special Weddings

Joan Estrada Special Weddings will be our Content Partner during Connections Weddings in Puglia 15-18 September 2019. To enquire about attending Connections Weddings, please contact Greg Reeves.