To experience complete luxury and exquisite French style, accommodation and cuisine, choose Lucien Barrière Hôtels and Casinos.

The Lucien Barrière Group has 15 hotels across France and 2 in Morocco, plus 37 casinos across France, Switzerland, and Egypt. Their wide selection of destinations means there is something for everyone, whether you’re booking a business trip to the Hôtel Barrière Bordeaux or a relaxing vacation in Deauville on the Normandy Coast.

Across their collection the Lucien Barrière Group offers clients opulent surroundings that fully complement the location. For example, experience the magic of Cannes at the 5 star Hôtel Majestic Barrière, where you can enjoy sea views, a luxury private beach, refreshing spa treatments and delightful French fine dining in one of their three restaurants.

Or if you fancy travelling further afield, head to Marrakech in Morocco to find the perfect haven to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the streets of the Medina, at the stunning Hotel Naoura Barrière. Or why not see Paris in style and book a stay at the Hôtel Fouquets Barrière, which is in an exceptional location on the Champs Elysées. Perfect for soaking up the culture and fashions that are so quintessentially Parisian. Take a stroll along the Seine, enjoy retail therapy, visit historical monuments like the Eiffel Tower and indulge in luxury French dining in the vibrant atmosphere that can only be found in this beautiful capital city.

For those who love the bright lights, head to one of the Lucien Barrière Group casinos. Clients can enjoy delicate cuisine, lively atmospheres and shows, as well as plenty of tables to play on.

Wherever your clients stay or play, Lucien Barrière will make sure they do it in style and enjoy unique experiences for a memorable trip.

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