With extensive experience of the Eastern hemisphere, Aspera Explorations is a travel company with a difference. With Aspera, travellers can visit Russia, Central Asia (including Nepal and India), Mongolia, the Himalaya’s and South East Asia and take part in trips that will not only be memorable, but will provide breath-taking scenery and experiences like no other. With Aspera you will experience true “off the beaten track” travel and the many exciting adventures it brings.

A trip to India, for example, will bring you a whole array of new and wonderful experiences. Experience the country’s rich cultural diversity, trek through the magnificent, colourful landscapes and taste the exotic food.  Your trip to India with Aspera is simply unforgettable!

If it’s Russia that beckons you, Aspera can assist here too, offering a truly unique experience with culture, politics and an unbelievable variety of landscapes to explore. Not only is the backdrop to Russia remarkable but also the wildlife – from Brown Bears to River Sharks – will leave you in awe. There is so much to discover in this amazing country and Aspera can give you the know-how.

Not only do Aspera Explorations provide unique itineraries, but they also hold regular exclusive events, perfect for travellers seeking a taster of different cultures. One of these upcoming events will be taking place in March in California, USA, and will be a one-off sample of Russian/Mongolian culture.  Guests will be able to get a feel for the people, discover the history of their land, and experience the enchanting throat singing common to the region.

Travelling with Aspera Explorations ensures you have an unforgettable adventure. Brave explorers can experience new lands and cultures in unique ways such as trekking, rafting and horseback riding to name just a few.

Worried about the risks? Don’t be. Aspera will do all the hard work for you making certain that your trip runs smoothly, with your safety as a priority. Wherever you want to visit and however you chose to do it, Aspera Explorations will ensure that all bases are covered and that any extra special trips can be custom made to suit you. This could include mountain climbing, motor biking or fishing. Aspera can also provide photography/film to make sure you remember every bit of your adventure long after you return home.

Travel buyers looking for experiences for their most adventurous clients would have their work cut out for them trying to find something more exhilarating that an Aspera Explorations adventure.

We can’t wait to meet the team in Beijing later this month at our next Connections Luxury event.  To find out about participating in an event yourself, please drop me a note at micaela@weareconnections.com