After a chance meeting with the top man, Sir Rocco Forte in the Verdura Resort gym the other day, it was time for me to meet the other top man — Verdura Resort’s Managing Director, Ivan Artolli.

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I sat down with Ivan to discuss the logistics for the Connections event we’re planning on holding at the resort. Having spent a good few days exploring the facilities and touring the wide array of features, I had what felt like hundreds of questions for Ivan.

For example, whilst it might sound like a really good idea to me for us to have 60 people all making their own lunch in one of the resort’s restaurants, it’s not until you discuss these concepts with the destination management that challenges can emerge!

And I want to know all about the challenges and possible problems with the ideas we’re … cooking up (boom boom!) .. so that we can offer a totally seamless experience to our delegates.

Given the focus of our event — travel — and the fact we’re going to be bringing some of the industry’s biggest buyers to the Verdura Resort, it’s important to ensure we give our delegates the opportunity to sample all the destination has to offer.

It was a delight to meet with Ivan and I am so enthusiastic. I’m also particularly appreciative of his perspective and his ideas. Bring it on! I cannot wait!

Thank you for your time and for your hospitality, Ivan!

Our next Connections Luxury takes place in Abu Dhabi on September 6-9, 2015. I can’t wait! Would you like to join us? Please drop me a note onĀ