Latin Trails, based out of Ecuador and Peru, is a complete destination management company that provides top quality vacation options from a variety of locations and cruise destinations throughout South America.

Latin trails specialises in providing tour operators, travel agents and wholesalers with top notch travel services, and does not deal directly with travellers. Instead, Latin Trails works hand in hand with travel providers to arrange an amazing getaway.

The company focuses on providing unique and custom travel adventures in South America that are perfectly suited to holidaymakers special interests, hobbies and desires. Working so closely with travellers to develop a perfect itinerary is that sets Latin Trails apart from other travel providers. Offering destinations that also reach Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Venezuela, Latin Trails has something to offer in every nook and cranny of South America.

South America is an incredibly diverse area of the world and Latin Trails pride themselves on showing their visitors spectacular culturally enriched sites and destinations such as the Amazon rainforest and the infamous Andes mountains.

Latin Trails specialises in offering the ideal family holiday, as its roots began as a travelling family with small children. The company caters to families by offering exciting and interesting for everyone from the youngest child in the family all the way up to great grandparents. They offer special discounts for children under the age of 12, and have family friendly accommodation that offers family conveniences such as adjoining rooms and rooms with multiple beds.

Whether you’re looking to send clients off on a cruise ship through the Galapagos Islands, trek through the Amazon’s incredible rainforest or enjoy the local culture in Peru or Ecuador, Latin Trails has the tools and resources required to help visitors get everything they can out of beautiful South America.

I look forward to meeting the Latin Trails team on site at Connections Luxury Algarve (22nd-25th March). If you’d like more information, please drop me a note at: