We’re big fans of the Conrad and Waldorf Astoria brands here at Connections Luxury. Between them, they account for almost fifty of the world’s top hotels.

The Conrad portfolio focuses on smart luxury for a new generation of global travelers who are always on, hunting for the best whether it comes to business or pleasure. Conrad hotels are arrayed across 17 countries and territories.

Sister brand Waldorf Astoria offers a range of landmark hotels and resorts for guests who demand exceptional environments and unrivaled service. You’ll find them spaced across 10 countries and territories.

Both brands are ideal fits for the luxury segment of the Hilton Worldwide property portfolio.

Of course, neither brand will be a stranger to our luxury travel buyers. The opportunity to meet with such a well established hotel group is still hugely valuable, especially if you’re hunting for something slightly different — but eminently familiar — for the most demanding of clients. The benefit of these brands is a fundamental service guarantee: Send a client to a Conrad or a Waldorf Astoria and you’ll be able to relax!

It is a true delight to welcome Conrad and Waldorf Astoria back to our next Connections Luxury. I know our destination will be familiar to the Hilton team: Our event takes place from 22nd-25th of March at the Conrad Algarve!

If you’d like to be there, please drop me a note to discuss on micaela@travelweekly.co.uk.