A big hello to everyone at Autograph Collection Hotels! I am so delighted to have the Marriott group represented at Connections Luxury this September.

I’ve been watching the growth of the Autograph portfolio over the years. I remember back when you could count the properties on one hand! The Marriott team haven’t let up and recently the portfolio now extends to 61 — I had to count them just now — diverse properties all across the planet.

Famously, Autograph hotels don’t feature the Marriott brand — and whilst you can expect phenomenal service at each property, they are all completely different. From the locations to size, style and facilities, some of the hotels offer Golf, others are city hotels whilst some are based in the middle of nowhere.

Let me give you a flavour. Threadneedles Hotel in London. The Glasshouse in Edinburgh. Union Sation Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. The Lexington, New York. Hotel Hermitage Gantois, Lille, France. All completely different! What a choice!

My favourites from the collection is the pleasingly rustic Kessler Canyon in Colorado. I’ve always had a thing for the Great American Outdoors and although I’ve not had the opportunity to visit Kessler Canyon, I’ve been feasting on the magnificent photos. (27,000 acres of private mountain country and one of the only luxury hotels I’ve seen recently that operates family style dining — there is no menu! You tell the chef what you’d like and he cooks it!)

I’m excited to see what our buyers make of the Autograph’s completely varied collection. They really have got so much to offer and will no doubt fit perfectly into some of the itineraries our buyers will be planning.

Right then, let me once again welcome the team from Autograph. It’s great to have you onboard! See you in September!

And by the way, if you’d like to participate in Connections Luxury (29th-30th September at the Four Seasons Hampshire) please drop me a note. We’ve completely sold out in the supplier section but we’ve got some sponsorship opportunities available.