So if you’re considering coming to Thailand with us next year to Connections Luxury, make sure you arrange to get really, really stressed prior to hopping on the flight over to Thailand!

Only then will you be able to properly and truly experience the totally relaxing and perfectly phenomenal service at the Dream Hotel Phuket’s Sanctuary Spa.

If you arrive here feeling reasonably fine, I’m not sure you’ll get the proper experience that I had! Goodness me, I completely relaxed within moments of walking into the spa. Minutes later I was in a Dreamy (pun intended) haze!

We always try to offer a Spa treatment to everyone attending our Connections events, especially for those delegates who are arriving the day before the event — so if you’re planning on coming to Thailand, we’ll be aiming to make sure you’re booked into the Spa here at the Dream Hotel┬áin Phuket.

Across the event agenda we usually try and bring a taste of the destination hotel’s Spa to everyone during the day by offering a series of hand and neck massages whilst their meetings are taking place. If you haven’t experienced this, try it — trust me, it’s wonderful!

Ok. Right. I’m off to meet some of the Dream Hotel team to discuss event logistics. Back soon!

(By the way, here’s the Spa menu!)

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