I’ve never been to Iceland but I feel I must, now that I’ve spent a bit of time admiring the Blue Lagoon facilities. I know that our buyers regularly send clients to sample the luxury geothermal pools the country is famous for. I am very much looking forward to welcoming the team from Blue Lagoon to Connections Luxury Europe in March held at the Conrad Algarve.

There’s something about Iceland that makes you feel all fresh, clean and new, so where better to go than a hotel that captures the very essence of that feeling and delivers it to you in absolutely luxury. The Blue Lagoon, set in the most beautiful part of the Icelandic landscape promises (and delivers) the very best of experiences for travellers who want to get away from it all, and discover what the country has to offer. Better still, you can stay right in the heart of it, at the Blue Lagoon Clinic Hotel.

There’s so much to do at the Blue Lagoon, yet you’ll never feel the need to hurry, and whether you choose to relax in the luxurious lounge, experience in water massages, or a variety of spa amenities and beauty treatments, you’ll certainly leave feeling refreshed, revived and feeling great.

Whether you choose Blue Lagoon for just a getaway, or for corporate gatherings, there’s something to do at the end of a long day that makes your stay an extra special one.

With a range of eateries, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining. You can opt for a stunningly beautiful dish made from natural Icelandic ingredients in the Lava restaurant, or enjoy a tasty bite from the Blue café. If you really don’t want to get out of the water, you’ll be pleased to hear about the Lagoon bar, where you can choose from ice cold smoothies, slushies or beers and wines. You wont have to carry any money on you either, as you can have your drinks charged to your entrance wristband. Thought has clearly gone in to each and every part of this luxurious experience, as there is nothing about the Blue Lagoon that is not relaxing.

Of course the Blue Lagoon itself is a stunning experience, offering a range of packages to visitors wishing to take advantage of the geothermal waters, and spa facilities, but guests who stay at the hotel itself get to experience absolute relaxation, luxury and comfort and a more secluded private guests only bathing lagoon session if they wish. Naturally admission to Blue Lagoon itself is complimentary if you’re staying at the hotel.

There’s no more relaxing place to be than in the geothermic waters of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. I can’t wait to sample them!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to come along to Connections Luxury Europe in March (22nd-25th), please drop me a note — micaela@travelweekly.co.uk.