Would you rather lose your mobile phone or your luggage? Now there’s a question!

Actually, that very question was a question put to 1,350 US adults in a recent survey from Choice Hotels. The answer is that millennial travellers (and parents with kids under 12) would rather lose their luggage than their mobile phone whilst on a trip.

I have to admit that I agree. I can’t go five minutes without my mobile phone. This is just one example of how our attitudes to travel and technology are changing rather dramatically — and rather fast.

For this reason I’ve programmed in a few sessions with an expert at our upcoming Connections Luxury event. We’re going to be joined by Ewan MacLeod, global mobile technology guru and founder of Mobile Industry Review. Ewan is a rarity — an utter geek who speaks simple, plain English.

He’s completely steeped in technology but perhaps more importantly for our delegates, he’s got an unswerving focus on the business of technology. Whilst it’s rare to find him carrying less than 4 or 5 mobile phones at any one time, what I value more from Ewan is his ability to parse the upcoming technology trends for commercial gain.

I’ve seen Ewan at work both leading keynotes and running experiential sessions so I’m really excited that he will be joining us for both days.

He’ll be leading a session that will enable you to experience the very latest in cutting edge technologies (think: Google Glass, connected watches and the fast developing “wearables” category).

Ewan says of his session,

“Experiencing the technology is the first step toward evaluating the ramifications for your businesses and your customers and I’ll be there to offer perspective and suggestions for next steps.

” He’ll also be on-hand to offer private sessions for delegates. So if you’d like to meet with Ewan to discuss technology and your business, please just let us know.