Luxury, boutique, individual places to stay, in iconic European destinations, Baglioni Hotels are synonymous with elegance and intimacy providing guests with a uniquely Italian style of welcome and attention to detail throughout their stay.

Growing from the first Baglioni hotel in Tuscany, the group has carefully expanded into major European centres of art, offering contemporary luxury combined with classic Italian style and elegance in the heart of these vibrant cities.

Whether they’re in Italy, France or England, Baglioni’s properties are usually found in period buildings in historic areas of their country’s capital cities. The advantages of these carefully selected locations become obvious as guests benefit from easy access to everything the destinations concerned have to offer. From galleries and concert halls, theatres, parks, restaurants, shopping, museums and landmarks, the convenience of the location only adds to the enjoyment of their stay.

When it comes to accommodation, luxury expectations will be met and exceeded at Baglioni. The collection offers some of the most stunning hotel room views. Think: Hyde Park and Kensington Palace in London; the island of San Giorgio from terraces overlooking St Mark’s Lagoon, Venice;  and finally the simply breathtaking views of the Eternal City available from the Roman Penthouse of Baglioni’s Regina Hotel, Rome.

All hotels feature the best of Italian comfort, classic design and hospitality. Luxury services such as chauffeur and personal butler are on offer, and several of the hotels enjoy the facilities of exclusive in-house spas.

Each property offers its own unique dining experience from the British influenced Baretto in Milan, traditional, seasonal Tuscan cuisine in Florence, and contemporary Mediterranean inspired dining under Murano glass chandeliers in London. All this and more can be expected of the collection’s forthcoming 34-acre Marrakech resort.

In short, the Baglioni hotels offer guests the best of Italian hospitality and style in some of the most exquisite hotels in fabulous locations.

I know our buyers will be seriously interested to connect with the team from Baglioni. We are so delighted to welcome them to Connections Luxury in the Conrad Algarve in March (22nd-25th).

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