Massimo Ianni

Born in Italy and educated in Paris, Massimo Ianni, graduate of the Glion Hotel Management School (Switzerland) and Kellogg University’s Hospitality Masters Degree, has been working in the International Hospitality and Tourism industry for the last 35 years.

During the recent ConnecTALKS on ‘Talent Acquisition and Retention in Luxury Travel’, Massimo Ianni, founder of Massimo & Partners, emphasised how luxury companies can strengthen their workforce by aligning with prominent values of today’s generation, unlocking vast opportunities and growth.

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In his discoveries, Massimo explored the idea of “Are you interviewing? or Are you being interviewed.” This concept emphasises that companies must be prepared to be interviewed themselves, effectively presenting the role and job to ensure that they are the right fit for prospective employees.

Focusing on skills and traditional job descriptions doesn’t work anymore. People want to know beside the job itself, what they will be contributing to.

Massimo also touched on key figures and tips that Connections Community members can take to implement more approachable practices into their business in how to retain and grow their workforces. Here are 3 key takeaways from this session:

What is ‘quiet quitting’?

Quiet quitting is when employees continue to put in the minimum amount of effort to keep their jobs, but don’t go the extra mile for their employer. –

Taken from 2023’s State of Global Workplace Gallup Report, Massimo explained that 59% of the global workforce are quiet quitting. An improving job market may encourage these workers to quit for real.

  • 18% are loud quitting
  • 23% are engaged
  • 59% quiet quitting

Here’s what they have to say about what could be improved in the workplace:

  • 16% voted on improving the well-being of employees
  • 28% voted on improving the pay and benefits
  • 41% voted on improving the engagement and culture.

What is the current perception and future view of the luxury travel industry?

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Below, Massimo best describes these perceptions that characterises the luxury travel industry. The evolution of this industry has caused a mind shift among employees and as a result, changing values have become present that companies need to focus on.

Current outlook:

  • High levels of stress
  • Poor working conditions
  • Seasonality

Future outlook:

  • Generative travel & hospitality
  • Focusing on learning developments and well-being
  • Being part of a wider and inner community.

In what ways can you attract and retain top talent in your luxury travel business?


Finally, in the figure above, Massimo shares his insights into how to attract and retain top talent. These key tips and tools are essential to be applied in your luxury travel business, in order to keep up with the changing trends and values.

Missed Massimo’s session and eager to learn more? Watch his full ConnecTALKS session here. For more information, you can get in touch with Massimo at