I’ve known the team from BBC World News for a long time — in particular, their Senior Vice President Sean O’Hara. I think it’s fair to say that the organisation itself needs no introduction: The BBC is such an iconic brand. It enjoys immediate and positive recognition everywhere.

I feel that this global familiarity is derived in part by the organisation’s long heritage and the sense of trust and respect they’ve diligently earned across the years.

There is nothing better than arriving into a completely new city, checking into a strange new hotel room and then switching on the TV to find the BBC news anchor reporting from London! This is my favorite way of immediately adjusting to my surroundings when I arrive into a new country: I flick on the TV and hunt for BBC News!

The BBC’s digital platforms and channels are a brilliant method of connecting with the most influential, affluent and engaged customers. Can you see your airline, hotel or traveller service being featured alongside the organisation’s brands such as BBC News, BBC Good Food, Top Gear or next to the popular feature sections BBC Travel, BBC Wellbeing, BBC Culture, BBC Earth, BBC Autos on BBC.com? They offer all sorts of advertising, sponsorship and branded partnership opportunities. Have a chat with the team from BBC Advertising and take advantage of their expertise. If I can connect you, please let me know.

It was a great pleasure to welcome BBC World News on board.

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