The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company employs 35,000 people across 87 hotels, located in 29 countries.

The company was founded in 1983 with the purchase of The Ritz Carlton Boston and is an independently operated division of Marriott. However the company boasts over one hundred years of history, though tracing its roots back to Albert Keller who bought and franchised the brand.

The Ritz Carlton has long been a luxury leader. Here’s a quote from their website just to give you an idea of their heritage:

The Ritz Carlton Boston revolutionized hospitality in America by creating luxury in a hotel setting:

– Private bath in each guest room
– Lighter fabrics in the guest room to allow for more thorough washing
– White tie and apron uniforms for the waitstaff, black tie for the Maître d’ and morning suits for all other staff, conducive to a formal, professional appearance
– Extensive fresh flowers throughout the public areas
– A la carte dining, providing choices for diners
– Gourmet cuisine, utilizing the genius and cooking methods of Auguste Escoffier
– Intimate, smaller lobbies for a more personalized guest experience

Fascinating! Many of these revolutions we now take for granted at any luxury hotel!

The Ritz Carlton is, of course, one of the best regarded luxury hotel brands on the planet. The brand is synonymous with the very best in luxury service. Quite simply, you can’t go wrong with a Ritz Carlton hotel, wherever you send your luxury clients.

I recently came across the Ritz Carlton’s motto — “We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen” — and I love it! As their website points out, the motto does exemplify the anticipatory service that Ritz Carlton’s team are famous for.

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