Hello to the team at Rocco Forte! I’m particularly delighted that Rocco Forte will be represented at our inaugural Connections Luxury event in September. I had the honour of meeting the man himself a year or so ago and thoroughly appreciated the opportunity. When we met, he was telling me all about their destination plans and encouraged me to visit his property in Florence (Hotel Savoy) after I mentioned I loved the city.

Hotel Savoy is one of the latest properties to benefit from the group’s “The Suites” focus. Rocco Forte Hotels has been recently been focusing on the development of it’s suites throughout the portfolio on account of growing customer demand. For instance, in Florence, they’re transforming the original La Repubblica Suite into a 105sq metre Presidential suite complete with high ceilings and balcony doors overlooking the iconic Piazza della Repubblica.

A month or so ago, Hotel de Rome in Berlin lunched their all new “The Bebel Platz Suite” (a whopping 450sq metres!) in an ‘enfilade’ style which mirrors the layout of the historic ground floor.
They’ve also given the same treatment to the portfolio’s Russian designation, Hotel Astoria in St Petersburg. As well as 50 new junior suites, they’ve recently introduced the Czar’s Suite which is something to behold.

All of this — and more — will be of great interest, I’m sure, to our buyers who are continually hunting for the finest luxury travel experiences for their clients.

We’re just 9 weeks out from Connections Luxury. Our event is taking place on the 29th and 30th of September at the wonderful Four Seasons in Hampshire. Currently there is very limited availability, so if you haven’t yet confirmed your participation – please do drop me a note as soon as possible!