Yesterday, the team at the Conrad Algarve put a pedalo — or pedal boat — on the activity list for me to check out. I was slightly amused at the thought before we arrived and I saw the calm waters of the lake at Quinta do Lago — it is absolutely ideal for this kind of thing as you can see from the photograph.

I’m always looking out for activities that we can offer as Connections Experiences to replace the standard table top meetings that most networking events offer. Although we still provide tables as a backup, our delegates much prefer the opportunity to get to know each other across 60 minutes whilst taking part in some kind of activity.

It might be cooking, archery, falconry, or even riding in a fast car — whatever the activity, the idea is to take the individual out of the default (and, let’s face it, rather impersonal) business environment and help accelerate deep relationship development through shared experiences.

Taking a pedalo ride certainly does qualify on multiple levels. Another one to add to the Experiences list! I really am loving the choice and variety of activities on offer here.

Please don’t hesitate to drop me a note if you’d like to find out more about our upcoming events.