As an agent, your clients may have seen it all, been everywhere and bought all manner of t-shirts, but now is the time to take it up a gear. Offering experiences no-one else can from dining on the pitch at FC Barcelona to a scenic glacier adventure, you and your clients can have the experiences of a lifetime all at Ode to Joy.

Ode to Joy was named after Beethoven’s ninth symphony, which is also the anthem for the European Union. The company ethos stemmed from wanting to offer more, more choice and more bespoke opportunities or ‘journeys’ as they like to describe them, in Europe. Their highly experienced team can design and plan your journey from short 2 day trips to 7 days, taking in everything you want to see, and even suggesting some exciting options you’d never have thought of.

Working with local experts who are not attached to the travel industry, Ode to Joy are able to tap into unseen sparkles of countries not even ventured into before by the traveller. Their guides are cultural experts, historians and local luminaries who work with the concierge team called ‘Ludwig’, who are training to become the top concierge team in Europe. Clients have enjoyed many an interesting experience with Ode to Joy and their website is full of stories from their travels. However, by no means should you think those are the only things Ode to Joy can offer; their services are as open as the mind of your client and they are guided by your clients’ desires.

A taste of a few experiences have included:

  • Secret Cave Cuisine – The Westman Islands are located off the south coast of Iceland and are home to some awe-inspiring habitats containing everything from seals to whales. A cave, only accessed by boat, will be your restaurant as you are treated to an authentic culinary experience prepared by the Islands’ star chef. A five star meal in a setting some can only imagine.
  • In Extremis – An action packed adventure set in Barcelona, you will be taken on an adrenaline filled experience as you take on the role of a special agent with a team to save the day through use of weapons, tactics, explosion and much more. Professional stunt men host the day, so rest assured it is safe but extremely exciting!

Ode to Joy’s journeys provide experiences that appeal to the discerning traveller who is looking for that extra thrill, and something they have always dreamed of but never thought possible. For an unforgettable experience, crafted with your tastes in mind, Ode to Joy is the perfect solution.

We were delighted to welcome the team from the Ode to Joy to Connections Luxury’s Thailand in Phuket last month. For more information or to find out how you can take part in one of our forthcoming events, drop me a note to