Hello it’s Micaela here once again to tell you about another one of super brands.

We’ll be welcoming the team from Los Angeles Tourism to Connections Luxury in September. They’ll be bringing the glitz and glamour of the City of Angels to Hampshire, placing their city front and centre in the minds of our buyers.

And goodness me they’ve got a huge amount to offer. Having spoken with many of our buyers, I’m pretty confident most of them are sending their clients to America’s West Coast on a regular basis. However, I’m particularly keen that our buyers find out much more about the city.

Of course, it’s difficult to mention Los Angeles without a nod to the massive film industry. Indeed when I did a straw poll around the office for Hollywood films featuring LA, we ended up with quite a list. I only need to say the words “Rodeo Drive” to a certain generation of colleagues and visions of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman flash across the mind.

As you might expect, you can be assured that a city accustomed to dealing with the demands and whims of the movie world’s A-list celebrities knows exactly how to deal with luxury. From phenomenal hotels, to fabulous restaurants, designer labels and haute couture, LA has it all. It’s no surprise that last year the city received a whopping 42.2 million tourist visits (a new record).

I’ll be encouraging our buyers to place the city on the agenda, particularly for those clients who might have otherwise been transiting through Los Angeles with just a cursory overnight stay at the airport. There’s so much more, especially if you’re on the hunt for memorable experiences. I challenge you to ask the team from Los Angeles about the almost unbelievable amount of variety their city has to offer.

If you’d like to participate in the upcoming Connections Luxury (29th & 30th of September 2014), please drop me a note right-away!