For our luxury travel planners considering sending their clients to Russia (or any of the former Societ-bloc countries), Star Travel DMC is at the top of the lists of companies to call upon for assistance.

Star Travel, established over 20 years ago, combines knowledge of the local area with the ability and contacts to provide a bespoke experience for any guest. They have access to the best hotels; the finest conference facilities and tailor made tours that will really ensure visitors make the most of their visit.

From limousine transfers to tailor made tours, from guides with a full historic knowledge of the old USSR, any visitors will be able to take advantage of a tour jam packed with special experiences and insider knowledge. Whether clients are interested in the culture, or simply want to know the best places to relax or eat, Star Travel’s team of experts will help.

With specialised tours around St Petersburg, Moscow, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Turkmenistan and the Ukraine to name but a few, you’d be forgiven for thinking that intimate knowledge of the best places to stay, eat and visit would be limited, but this is simply not the case, At Star Travel great care is taken to cultivate not only the longstanding popular and cultural spots, but new up and coming places you must visit too.

All your needs are taken care of by the Star Travel team and there’s nothing they won’t organise for your benefit. Whether you want to ride the Trans Siberian express, or take a tour of Russia: past and present, you’ll find out more about the places you visit than with any other tour guide.

I know that many of our buyers will be interested to connect with the team from Star Travel so I’m looking forward to introduce them all! If you’d like to know more about the Connections Luxury event (taking place at the Conrad Algarve between 22nd-25th of March) please drop me a note: