Argentina is a land full of rich diversity and a love for life. With an abundance of varying extraordinary things to do and breath-taking things to see; Argentina is a country like no other on Earth, but exploring it can be tricky. When travel buyers want to get the best idea of how to make a stay there spectacular, INPROTUR are a valuable ally to have.

The National Institute of Tourism Promotion Argentina (INPROTUR) has been created in order to be able to offer the best possible experience of Argentina to guests from around the world. A combination of links with the public and private sectors allow INPROTUR the opportunity to promote the best and most exclusive tourist attractions in Argentina.

With so much to offer visitors INPROTUR has links to a range of companies and brand in order to showcase the very best of Argentina. Whether visitors are looking to experience the abundance of natural hotspots, the vibrant and passionate nightlife, the culinary excellence or have come for the snow-capped mountains; INPORTUR can offer the very best advice to get the most out of any trip to this beautiful country.

INPROTUR are here to offer advice and connections to the most luxurious hotels, boutique restaurants and life-changing experiences all over Argentina. They can help buyers choose which of the glorious cities to visit depending on what it is they want to experience. With unparalleled knowledge from local experts, INPROTUR can help to plan the trip of a lifetime to Argentina.

Whether it is skiing in the Andes, whale watching in the Southern seas or taking the kids to Patagonia’s giant dinosaurs; Argentina is the perfect destination for a wealth of holiday types and INPORTUR are the best link to get the most out of it all.

INPROTUR are hoping to increase the promotion of tourism to Argentina to turn the eclectic country into one of Latin America’s biggest tourist destinations. With so much to offer that many people don’t know about, they are here to shout loudly and proudly about the life-changing experiences which can be found nowhere else in the world, making travel buyers’ jobs a lot more pleasurable in the process.

The team from INPROTUR joined us in Quito for our recent Connections Meetings event designed specifically for MICE industry professionals. For more details of our award winning events held throughout the year, please drop a note to and I can tell you how you can join us.