Having just returned from two weeks of travel and meetings with the industry elite I find that the conversation around Connections becomes familiar in its pattern.

I always knew from the outset that this is no ordinary event. Trying to explain myself over email led to a long and winding explanation as I tried to describe the multiple USP’s that differentiate us from other industry events. There is no need for a replica of what’s already out there but thinking small opened doors to creativity, where we could really pull apart the structure of an “exhibition” and give you our own take. Why? Let me explain…

We listened to how the industry handles its customers and tried to replicate, in a small way, the exact same thing:

Personal and Tailored Approach: With only 60-80 delegates the team were able to consult with all the delegates to tailor their agenda and stay at the event. We knew who needed vegetarian options, those who preferred wheat beer, and tried to satisfy just these demands

Meetings are made memorable when sharing a moment: Often most lasting memories are created when you share a simple experience; be it dawn over the Okavango Delta (ok not so simple) or share a long island iced tea at Bar Rouge in Shanghai! Well, we bring our own experiences to share to get you out of the meeting room and into a creative space (falconry experience anyone?)

Relationship building: The industry is built on relationships – will you trust your clients with someone you met fleetingly but WOW they had a great powerpoint! No, you don’t. You need to trust each other and that comes with time. We provide this relaxed and informal environment to allow you time to get to know each other

I could go on but lets leave it at that – we know that this formula is unlike any other and I hope that you will have the chance to experience it. As one agency owner told me “It’s like the Davos summit of travel” – well there’s a challenge!