Last week I managed to meet with our keynote speaker, Ken Segall. Ken was the man who (in his own words), “worked at ad agencies with high standards, then met a client with absurdly high standards: Steve Jobs.”

I was lucky to catch him in the country, he’s in such high demand. I’d been hoping to bump into him ahead of Connections Luxury at the end of the month to have a chat and introduce the event. I simply can’t wait for Ken’s keynote. He was telling me that — perhaps obviously — be focusing on the importance of simplicity.


Ken developed the uber-iconic, “Think Different” campaign for Apple and was responsible for introducing the little ‘i’ for ‘iMac’ into our lexicon. What an achievement! I know that our audience of buyers and suppliers will be keen to hear Ken’s experiences, especially given the parallels between Apple and luxury travel. I can’t wait!

The keynote is sponsored by The Telegraph newspaper, a publication that’s no stranger to luxury, given it’s almost 90% ABC1 readership and it’s superb Luxury section ( I’d like to thank The Telegraph’s James Lancaster for his support — we’re delighted to have you on board James!

If you’d like to know more about the event, please drop me a note — I’d love to tell you more.