We’re putting you to work in the kitchens of the Conrad Algarve!

That’s right… Next month at Connections Luxury Algarve (22nd-25th of March), we’ve got a fabulous group activity planned. The working title? Cataplana Experience.

Now then, the science bit: Wikipedia refers to a Cataplana as an item of cookware used to prepare Portuguese seafood dishes, traditionally made of copper and shaped like two clamshells hinged at one end. However, in the context of this group experience, we’re referring to ‘Cataplana’ as the actual seafood dish itself.

We’ll be splitting all attendees into a series of groups. Under the guidance of the chef team from Conrad, the groups will be challenged to make their own Cataplana together.

I’ve experienced this myself when I did my last site visit to the Conrad and I can tell you that this is a seriously fun activity and, of course, the output is utterly delicious. (And the good news is that it’s actually quite an easy dish to make, particularly with the gorgeous ingredients sourced locally by the hotel’s team. You can’t really go wrong!)

The concept behind this group experience is to ensure our buyers and suppliers are afforded yet another opportunity to continue to develop their business relationships with each other.

Not only will each delegate get the opportunity to participate in making the Cataplana, they’ll also be able to sit down together afterwards to eat their dish!

This is yet another superb activity suggested by the local Algarve event management company, Portugal No Limits. What a super idea! Oh I can’t wait!

Here’s one of the Portugal No Limits videos showing some the Cataplana Experience taking place:

Algarve cooking challenge from 100 Limites on Vimeo.

If you’d like to join us at Connections Luxury next month, please drop me a note to discuss. I’m micaela@travelweekly.co.uk.